Tuesday, March 31, 2009

12-16 Author of the Month is ......

And the Author is...


Stephanie Meyer is the author of the month. I've read all of her books except Breaking Dawn. The first three books in the twilight series are awesome. Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse are so awesome. I read them all at least 3 times. I also read the host. The host was awesome. It wasn't
about vampires like I like to read about. It was about wait for it...wait for it........ ALIENS. Oh snap! I like aliens too, but I still love the twilight saga the best. It's so awesome-tastic!

I love how descriptive her characters are. Like the Cullens in twilight: Edward- selfless, perfect, temperamental; Alice- outgoing, doesn't keep her thoughts to herself; Rosalie- self- absorbed; Emmett- playful, fun-loving; Jasper- quiet; Carlisle- selfless; and Esme- kind, caring, and motherly. Don't forget Bella- a big PUSHOVER, but also stubborn

Luv Aja

Coraline (movie nook)

Coraline, a girl who's life is anything but perfect.
She wants a prefect world.
This movie\book shows to be careful what you wish for .
We saw the movie for my birthday last week it's in real 3d .
If you're wondering I did read the book .
If you are unhappy with your life do not go through the small door it leads to doom ville.

The Host by Stephenie Meyers

Melanie Stryder is one of the last humans left. Aliens are using everybody's bodies for host on this new planet. Wanderer is the alien in Melanie's body. Humans are supposed to disappear when the host come in, but she's still here. Wanderer should be able to get to Melanie's thoughts but Melanie won't let her. Melanie is giving her thoughts of love from her family back home. Wanderer is now in love with Jared, their boyfriend, and cares for Jamie,their little brother,very much. Wanderer is becoming one with Melanie and runs away to save Melanie's family. Will she get there in time or is she already be too late?

Reviewer, Aja Rating, 8-D