Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 kick butt books

Well you do know how I have and obsession about this book so it is number 1 kick butt book.
This book is for 10 or older because it is deep but i love it that's why it is number 2 of the kick butt books.
I love this book I am still reading it because it is boring but it makes up in to a kick butt book and it is like a labyrinth of secrets that is why it is number 3 of kick butt books.
This is the first book of the secret sises but it is the type of book to listen to is your around 8-10 like me but beside that is is truly number 4 of the kick butt books.
This book is funny i read them like 5 times and saw the movie but now it boring but is is a kick butt book.