Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ages 12-16: Dead is the New Black

Daisy Giordano is normal. I know what your thinking, isn't that a good thing?, well it isn't if your mother and three sisters are psychic in that situation it sucks. Then you have to factor in her former best friend, Samantha, is out to get her, then say her best friend/crush is in love with her former best friend. I say all of that to say how much her life sucks. Good thing in this book things get better not worse. Even though you can guess how it gets better. I still think you should read it.

Reviewer, Aja Rating, ;-D Reason, It was very interesting like something Meg Cabot would write.

the author of the month 8-10

The author of the month is.....
Judy blume

This author was chosen because we thought that she is a good author most of her books are suggested for age 10. I read them with my sister we have only finished 1 of her books but proves how good of an athour she is. I'm planing to read all of her books. I have been recommend by my mom and now I recommend you . thats why she ithe auothor of the month

Rumors: a Luxe novel by Anna Godbersen

Penelope Hayes, the most devious girl in Manhattan, is determined to win back Henry Schoonmaker. She will do anything to win him back from Diana Holland, and when rumors begin she gets her chance.
I can't tell you anymore because that would ruin the story, but you should definitely read this book.

Reviewer, Aja Rating :-) Reason: slow beginning