Thursday, August 12, 2010

must reads

genders: boy for sure
levels : put out to be scary but not to much.
info: may be frighting for kids under 7
rating: 5 out of 5
age limit : 5th grade 9-13
genders: not to girly not to boyish
ratings: 10 out of 5
age: 10 and up
lables: action, funny

gerders: unisex
rateing: 15 out of 10
age; 10 and up
lables: funny wizard
age; 10
rating: 10 out of 10
gender unisex
age 9 and up
gender: unisex
rating: 5 out of five
age 9 and up
rateing : 10 out of 10
gender: boy
age: 10
gender: unisex
rating 20 out of 10

Into the Wild Nerd Yonder: My life on the Dork Side

"I used to love the first day of school"

Jessie is normal. She is herself. She has been this way for years, and doesn't expect to change herself ever. She isn't exactly happy with being her, and having to live up to the expectations of having friends that are so cool. Char is a beauty, wanted by all who go to their school, and Bizza is a rebel, crowned by her own creativity. Jessie, though, as I said is herself. Over the summer leading to her sophomore year, Bizza and Char transform themselves into punks. They change into the most unique people of the school. Bizza, never the best friend, dates Jessie's crush, Van. After the friend break-up of Bizza and Jessie, Jessie makes new friends. Jessie's new friends are the nerdiest, dragons-and-dungeons-playing, too-short pants-wearing dorks and Henry may have a crush on her. Will Jessie make up with Bizza? Is Henry Jessie's new crush?