Monday, December 29, 2008

Ages 12-16: Frogs & French Kisses by Sarah Mlynowski

Well this time Rachel is back and she is deeper in than last time. Miri, her tree-hugging sister, is caught up trying to save the world and her mother is dating again. They are both magic-a-holics. Also Will, Raf's brother is in love with her on accident. She knows its wrong but she knows it is a great way to make Raf jealous which it already has. She is really in very deep and she wants to be a witch but she isn't. This book is pretty good but please read the prequel or else you will be left in the dark.
I give this book : ***** Reviewer: Aja


aflacga said...

I've heard/seen this book on tv somewhere last year. I haven't read it because it didn't appeal to me, lol then again nothing with Frogs in the title would unless it were by National Geographic but it sounds good. I'll have to refer someone to your blog to check it out.

Great content, nice blog ;-)

Craig Brimm said...

What's all this kissy boy stuff, YUCK! Boys = Germs! Remember that girls.