Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ages 12-16:Breaing Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

*Spoiler Alert*

In this awesome-tastic (made it up) series ending *tears*, Bella and Edward are getting married. Finally!

Edward and Bella got married. They went on their honeymoon to a very special place. It's a surprise. Bella is expecting a baby. Though this baby could and probably will kill her she still wants it. Time to call Rosalie! Rosalie always wanted children and she doesn't like Bella that much. This is the perfect thing for Rosalie. She will protect the baby at all costs. The only problem is that they never had a baby quite like this one. The volturi are coming to kill it. Will they live happily ever after or die trying to save their beloved?

Rated by, Aja Rating, ;-D

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