Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ages 12-16: All-American Girl by Meg Cabot

Sam is everybody's "favorite' art rebel. The one who wears black clothes, listens to ska (deathrock basically), has pink-haired friends, and is forced to go to (conformist) art classes. The only thing is she is everybody's favorite. Why? because she saved the president. Now Sam has the fame and the fortune. The problem is she doesn't want it. Though what she does want is a normal life and her normal sister's perfect-for-her boyfriend, Tom. Sadly those things will be really hard to get because of her sister's push for her to start dating the president's son, David. David is another art rebel. Will Tom finally call to her or will David win her over? Read to find out.
This book was pretty interesting. The main character was very peculiar for Meg Cabot to write about, though I loved it.

Rating, 8-D
Reviewer, Aja

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