Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ages 12-16: Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer

Someone is creating an army of newborn vampires. Someone is stalking Bella. The Cullens don't know who it is, neither do the the Quilettes(werewolf pack). It could be Victoria or the Voltouri but how will they defeat whoever is doing this. Why not because a) vampires and werewolfs hate each other, and b) Jacob and Edward both love Bella and she loves both of them two. Can they put aside there diffences to save her or will all go wrong because of one wrong move?

Reviewer, Aja Rating,8-D


Kristen said...

I loved the Twilight series. I actually thought The Host was better though. Still, they were great and I'm looking forward to the #2 coming to theaters!

Bookie Nook said...

twilight the movie was sucks